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We all know that heating systems and air conditioning are essential for many homes.These systems provide a comfortable environment inside the house. It is important that these systems are properly cared for and provided with regular maintenance such as Furnace Repair Service in order to prolong optimum functioning as well as last for many years. Furnace Repair Toronto gives the residents of Toronto best of our quality service.

Problems with the furnace should be taken care of immediately in order to prevent temperature problems as well as minimize added costs on the energy bills. Cambridge Heating and Cooling provides the best services for your furnace such as Furnace repair Toronto, tune-up and installation for any kind of system that you might need for your home. Furnace repair Toronto has been working hand in hand with clients in Toronto and only provides quality service and are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done. We have highly skilled professionals who will ensure that the sizing of the installation is properly done along with the pre installation procedures to make sure that the installation process is correctly done in order to provide lasting and efficient functioning.

Cambridge Heating and Cooling specializes in repairing different types of furnace, air conditioning units and heating units. In case you need services for Furnace repair Toronto, all you have to do is to give us a call and a professional will instantly take care of problems that might be present in your furnace system. Professionals are readily available 24/7 to cater to all furnace repairs and problems. Do not waste time in case you start to suspect problems with your furnace, you do not want to end up shivering in cold just because the furnace is not functioning properly.

The Toronto furnace repair works together with top manufacturers to ensure superior quality. The heating and furnace repair service can greatly benefit a lot of homeowners in Toronto. Only superior furnace repair services are provided and 100% client satisfaction is guaranteed at all times. Even though you might consider certain repairs too complicated, highly skilled professionals will make any repair possible for the optimal functioning of your heating system. Aside from the furnace repair services, tune-up and maintenance services are also provided to homeowners in Toronto. With superior quality tune-up and maintenance services offered, homeowners will enjoy cleaner air quality as well as a better performing heating furnace all year round. Always remember that regular maintenance should be provided to the furnace so that it will function at optimum level as well as reduce the likelihood of problems that might occur. Lastly, furnace installation is also offered to homeowners in Toronto. With many years of experience in the field, along with the established client trust and reliability of providing outstanding furnace and heating installation and repair services, homeowners are assured of superior quality heating installation. It is guaranteed to last for years as well as provide all the needs of homeowners. With proper tune-up and maintenance provided, the heating system will surely function in an optimal manner as well as guaranteed to last for many years.

Furnace Repair Toronto


What we do in Furnace Repair Services :

  • Clean your Furnace filter.
  • Check flues or vents for cracks or blockages.
  • Check the condensate drain to make sure it is properly attached and flowing freely.
  • Clean out door exhaust vents.
  • Replace the frayed belts for older units.
  • Examine the carbon monoxide levels.
  • Examine the operation of thermostat and safety controls.
  • Check the navigation and the motor.
  • Examine the blower functions and alignment.
  • Examine if there is any dangerous wreckage in the duct and the chimney.
  • Check the filter and renew it if needed.
  • Check the gas pipes for leakages and blockages.
  • Put burners into proper working mode.

Furnace Service Near Me:

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How Gas Furnace Repair Service Benefits you?

By doing regular maintenance it will trim down the monthly bills and prevent you from paying gas furnace service cost or new installment of furnace. Natural Gas Furnace repair service helps to increase the life span of the machine and to make ensure the machine is working according the manufactures specification. You can have worry free life with regards to the safety and middle of the night break down. We make your house completely non hazardous and bacteria-free.

  • Change or clean your furnace filter: Failing to check the filter regularly can be costly: dust and dirt can work their way into the blower and coil assemblies, reducing the furnace’s operating efficiency and eventually damaging the motor.
  • Clear outdoor exhaust vents: During the winter, be sure to clear snow and ice away from the intake and exhaust vents outdoors. If the vents become blocked, dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can back up into the house, and the furnace could shut down.
  • Schedule an annual tune-up: An annual checkup by a service technician is also a good idea especially if you have a natural gas system. The technician will check the flues and temperature settings, examine the heat exchange for cracks, and check the safety mechanisms.
  • Check the owner’s manual to see if the blower motor should be lubricated. If you have
    an older heating unit, you might need to add a drop or two to each oil port.
  • Replace frayed belts (mostly on older units)
  • Check flues or vents for cracks or blockages
  • Check the condensate drain to make sure it is properly attached and flowing freely

Furnace Repair Toronto

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What we provide in Furnace Repairing Service:

  • Service on all makes and models.
  • 24/7 Contact Center & Emergency Service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Full warranty on our works.
  • Well trained technicians.
  • Comprehensive furnace diagnosis.