Keep your AC unit maintained for optimal performance this summer!

Winters are soon going to end and it’s not long before the warm air of summer takes over. What you will then need at home and office to stay comfortable is a properly functioning AC unit that provides quality cooling backup at all times.

Have you kept your AC unit maintained lately? We tend to ignore our AC unit during winters. Do take the time to clean out its filters before you operate it. Also take a detailed look and see if it needs any professional care. For excellent Air Conditioner Maintenance in Toronto, Cam Heating and Cooling is always here!

Our third award as the best heating contractor in Scarborough!

Cambridge Heating and Cooling has been the choice of Scarborough’s families, professionals and working men for the past 3 years when it comes to HVAC equipment, its installation, maintenance or repairing. That’s right, and to recognize that, Top Choice Awards has awarded us another award in 2014 as the best heating contractor in Scarborough!

We thank you for your support and are committed to adding more products and services to our portfolio. Thank you for selecting Cambridge Heating and Cooling as your trusted HVAC partner for every season.

What determines the right AC unit installation service?

You might be wondering who to get in touch with to get your newly purchased AC unit installed at home. Well, if you have not purchased your new unit from us, you might have ended up paying a little more than what you would have spent if you were shopping at Cambridge Heating & Cooling.

Our team has a combined experience of more than 20 years installing all kinds of AC units. We are trained experts dealing with all product ranges from Lennox, Trane, Rinnai and many others. Want reliable air conditioner installation in Scarborough? Count on us.

Who to call if your equipment is clogged with duct?

Isn’t that the question that we all should have a sound answer to? Duct is probably the most common reason why most equipment malfunctions or doesn’t work again at all. It is lethal for your equipment. It clogs up in the system, slowing down its productivity over time.

It is necessary that you get all duct cleaned up on a regular basis. Especially for your furnace. Cambridge Heating and Cooling is providing the best Duct Cleaning in Scarborough services at market’s best hourly rates. Contact us today and schedule a duct cleaning appointment.

The most energy-efficient air conditioners, only from Trane

If you love nature and the Earth, you’d definitely prefer using HVAC equipment that is very nature-friendly and uses up the least amount of resources to get the job done. Trane’s air conditioner range does just that. The range is certified by Energy Star and its SEER ratings go up to 21.00 points. That’s industry-leading SEER rating.

This means you save thousands of dollars in the form of energy savings each year and the world saves millions in environmental pollution! To buy Trane air conditioner in Nepean, only trust a reliable HVAC contractor such as Cam Heating and Cooling.

Why Cambridge Heating and Cooling is the best for all your cooling needs?

Cambridge Heating and Cooling won the Top Choice Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for the best HVAC company in GTA. That alone is a big accomplishment and tells customers how committed we are to provide excellent support throughout your purchase, all the way to the equipment installation, maintenance and repairing.

With over 15 years of history, we have accumulated one of the largest client bases in Scarborough and are trusted completely by many to serve their Cooling in Scarborough needs. We provide 24/7 support to our customers, which is another rare service provided by any HVAC contractor in Scarborough.

Here’s an AC installation tip to save you thousands of dollars of HVAC investment!

Want a tip that will help you keep your newly-bought AC unit from malfunctioning? You’ve landed at just the right page! There is only one rule to keeping your AC from unwanted damage/harm, and that is by getting it installed, maintained and repaired by an air conditioner installation in Scarborough team that is experienced, professional and well-reputed.

Cambridge Heating and Cooling has been providing all sorts of Air conditioner related services for years. Buy your new AC from us, get it installed, maintained and repaired from our teams and you don’t have to worry about anything ever again!

How to find a reliable HVAC contractor in Scarborough?

There are several contractors, retailers and HVAC contractors all across the GTA that claim they’re the best, but how do you, the end customer, determine which one you should call to take care of all your heating and cooling needs? Well, the first and most important way is to see if they have won any awards or other recognition for their services.

We at Cambridge Heating and Cooling are proud to share that we have been chosen as the Best HVAC contractors in Scarborough for the last three consecutive years by Top Choice Awards. Contact us today for your HVAC requirements.

There’s much more to the maintenance of your air conditioner unit than replacing filters!

If you’re under the impression that your AC unit only requires timely air filter replacement, you’re probably misinformed like a lot of other families living in the GTA. There is much more to maintaining your air conditioning unit properly and keeping it from malfunctioning.

Air conditioners do suck in little particles of dirt despite the air filters. For that, a timely cleaning service is also needed. Trust Cambridge Heating and Cooling’s air conditioner maintenance in Scarborough services all your AC equipment requirements and enjoy unmatched cooling at all times.

Here’s why your next furnace should be from Lennox!

Hi, are you in the market looking to buy a new furnace for your home or office? That means you’re willing to invest a significant amount and want great returns over the years.

The best furnaces come with excellent warranty plans that back your investment for years. This means even if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about investing in another furnace till the warranty plan expires. Cam Heating and Cooling suggests you buy Lennox furnace in Scarborough that will serve all your heating requirements. Contact us for further information.