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Cambridge Heating & Cooling understands how difficult it is for one to live without a proper air conditioning system at home. This is why people prefer getting their old furnaces replaced with new ones before moving in to a new place. If you too are shifting and need a reliable and branded gas furnace, let us recommend you our Keeprite gas furnaces in Toronto for you.Exceptional 10 year parts warranty!!Keeprite products are nothing like the regular heating and cooling solutions you see at a local hardware store. The company produces branded and well-engineered gas furnaces that are smart, easy to use and dependable. The gas furnaces come with a 10 year parts warranty which Keeprite titles as the No Hassle Replacementâ„¢ warranty.Our Keeprite gas furnaces in Scarborough and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area are also covered under this excellent warranty plan by the company itself. We deal in world-class gas furnaces and are one of the largest distributors of Keeprite furnaces across the whole GTA.AFUE of more than 95% helps you save big!

And not just that – Keeprite also has a commitment to provide highly fuel efficient furnaces which intake the least amount of gas and produce a uniform, warm and stable flow of air thus making you truly feel at home! Keeprite furnaces also have sealed blower compartments along with soft-mount components thus resulting in excellent sound insulation and a peaceful room heating process.

If you are looking for brand new Keeprite gas furnaces in Toronto or any other part of the Greater Toronto Area, please give us a phone call and we will be happy to provide you with the right equipment at the best price.

For further information regarding our inventory of Keeprite gas furnaces in Scarborough, Toronto, Uxbridge, Markham and all other adjacent vicinities of the GTA, give us a ring at our landline.


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